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Online Credit Card Processing

Online credit card processing offers your business the benefit of an invaluable online customer service and an electronic point of sale on the world wide web; what is emerging to be the most globally recognised and accessible world market.

Low Transaction Charges

Our typical rates are just 8p per transaction with no percentage transaction value charge on credit or debit cards meaning you only pay a low set amount per transaction and nothing else. Our pricing is the most competitive in the UK, beating all of our leading competitors on value. This is our commitment to a practical and affordable e commerce solution for your business.

Fully Integrated Shopping Cart

Your online credit card processing facilities come fully integrated into your shopping cart for an out of the box store solution ready to accept payments straight away.

Email order confirmation

Your customers can receive customised email message cofirming their order of your products. You can change the message your customers read to suit your business.

Manual Payment Processing

You may already have a manual credit card terminal (or PDQ). You may be paying on avearge £240/year for it's rental. An online version of the manual credit card terminal is included with this service so you can ditch your terminal and use our online version, saving you £100s.

Links to all major UK banks

Get real time authorization and clearing from all major UK banks; Barclays, Natwest Streamline, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, BoS, RBoS.

Fraud Prevention

All of the industry standard and latest fraud prevention and detection are avaiable with your service including CV2 checking to verify the security number on the back of the card and AVS for verifying the cardholder address.

No Failed Transaction Charges

We do not charge for failed transactions like many Payment Solutions Providers.

Industry Standar Security

Our servers use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. This is an industry-standard protocol to transfer information via the Internet securely. When SSL encryption is being used you will see the padlock symbol in your browser and the URL will begin HTTPS as opposed to HTTP. Our servers are running with the maximum level of SSL encryption (128-bit).

Universal Payment Gateway - fast, low-cost online payments!

UPG is a system that enables live credit and debit card transactions to take place from your web site. It performs realtime card authorisation with automatic settlement to your bank for all transactions.

Merchant accounts

Please note that you will need a merchant account with a UK bank to accept card payments through UPG. If you already have a merchant account we will contact your bank to request an additional Internet merchant number for you. If you do not have a merchant account at all, we can help you to obtain one - please see the details.

About the service

For the first time we have made available an online processing service that does not go via a PSP (Payment Service Provider). Instead we link straight into one of the UK's largest IP payment networks, known as "UPG" (Universal Payment Gateway). This network is at the root of online payments for all the major UK banks.

This payment network offers the following advantages :
ifdVery low transaction fees - just pay for what you need
ifd Fast authorisation and processing times
ifdExtremely resilient network processing millions of transactions per month
ifdLinks into all major UK banks - Barclays, Natwest Streamline, HSBC, Lloyds TSB, BoS, RBoS
ifd"Virtual terminal" to manually enter card payments, allowing you to ditch your PDQ machine!
ifd Refunds
ifdPre-authorisation - ie. the ability to authorise the credit card, for final payment to be taken only when goods are shipped
ifdMulti-currency (requires separate merchant IDs from your bank for each currency; some banks do not support this feature)

Benefit from a huge investment and infrastructure

The UPG was built to process the transactions for large corporate businesses, and Inter Flash Design are the first company to open up this network for the smaller business.

Fraud prevention

The UPG offers the latest in fraud prevention measures, including :
ifd CV2 checking - verifies the security number on the reverse of the credit card
ifd AVS - verifies the cardholder address

Much more than just online payments

The UPG payment system is used in conjunction with either our eCOM Basic, Standard or Premium service - offering secure form hosting, form building wizard, optional shopping cart, affiliate tracking and email newsletter management tools. Whether you just require your own simple order form, or a complete end-to-end e-commerce system, our service has a solution to match your requirements.

And our system is able to capture your customer's ordered product details as well as just payment information - meaning that our service is a complete order capture and payment system. This is one of the key benefits that makes our service different and more useful than traditional PSPs.


Our online payments service is priced very competitively, and is purchased in "blocks" of transactions upfront. You can purchase any number of transactions from a minimum of 100. The purchased transactions can be used at any time - there is no time limit in which they have to be used, however please note that if you cancel your Inter Flash Design account that we cannot refund any unused transactions.


No. of transaction credits purchased
Total Cost
Equivalent cost per transaction
Please note : We DO NOT charge for failed transactions, unlike many traditional PSPs

Typical pricing example

eCom Basic plus online processing with UPG
eCom Basic setup (one-off)
Online processing upgrade (one-off)
Annual Fee
+ transaction fees as in table above
All prices subject to VAT of 17.5% to EU customers

If you already have an account with us you only pay the upgrade fee (£25) and the transaction charges as displayed in the table above.

Manual Payments - save yourself the cost of the terminal!

Got a manual credit card terminal? Processing your transactions by hand? Well there's no need to do so any more - you can use our service to process all your telephone and mail order credit card transactions as well as your online ones. This could save you typically around £240 per year, being the normal cost to rent a credit card terminal. And furthermore by processing your card payments through our system you will benefit from the CV2 and cardholder address checks, for no extra charge!

What to do next

1. If you already have a merchant account

ifdsee our services (if you already have an account with us then you do not need to open a new one).
ifdPlease complete the online application form for the UPG payment gateway.
ifdWe will then contact you to organise the link to your merchant account.

Please do not contact your bank to set up an internet outlet for your merchant account as this will lead to delays - we will instead contact the bank on your behalf.

2. If you do not yet have a merchant account

ifdComplete the application form.
ifdWe will then attempt to source a merchant account for you.
ifdWe will contact you to advise the next steps.
Please note that we cannot guarantee that your application for a merchant account will be successful. We are unable to refund the £25 + VAT application fee if your application is rejected by the banks.

Please note that we can only offer online card processing to UK based companies.

If you require more information on our UPG service please go here.

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