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internet marketing
advertising on the internet
eMail marketing is one of the most powerful forms of internet advertising methods available. For a comparatively low cost, you can distribute your promotional material to potentially millions of highly qualified prospects.

email marketing

ifdPromote your products and services
ifdGenerate interest in your company
ifdContact 1,000s of highly qualified potential customers
ifdIncrease sales and introduce new customers to your business
ifdIncrease return customers and promote loyalty
ifdHigh returns on investment

Isn't spam illegal?

Spam is any number of unsolicited emails (emails sent without the recipients express permission) and is illegal. Spam sits in your bulk email box, and the user has to prompt the mailbox to open them.

We do not spam!
Through our network of highly relevant websites and information pages, we collect data from millions of web users who have opted in to receive emails from our partner sites. This way, we deliver highly targeted email ads to users with a genuine interest in your products and services, and your potential customers are glad to receive the promotional material from the source which they trust for delivering informative and relevant ads and newsletters.

Our database of potential leads is detailed, extensive and varied, so you'll be sure that we can find the customers looking for products and services in your sector, even in your local area.

As well as ads, we distribute quality email newsletters with informative and relevant information, links, resources and promotional advertisements. One of the many benefits which you can enjoy from a quality newsletter is increased customer interest in your brand and services.

  email advertisements price    
ifd 100,000 email advertisements £165.00 email marketing  
ifd 200,000 email advertisements £220.00 email marketing  
ifd 500,000 email advertisements £300.00 email marketing  
ifd 1,000,000 email advertisements £400.00 email marketing  
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Lets image you send 100,000 email ads for a product which costs £40.

In order for you to break even on this investment you would need to recoup at least £400. You would only need to make 10 sales to break even.

Therefore if only 1 in 10,000 ads pays off, you would have paid for your entire email advertising campaign.
ifd   email marketing

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